Friday, January 22, 2010

Webinar on 409A Audits and Enforcement

I wanted to share this information regarding a BNA webinar relating to the IRS' audit activities on January 28, 2010.


"The IRS is signaling more §409A enforcement. The agency's recent audit activity and document requests requiring comprehensive disclosures about plans and individuals subject to §409A confirm this trend. Plan document and operational errors should be identified and corrected to avoid heavy tax penalties.

Our panel of experts from the IRS and a leading law firm will analyze new IRS guidance on correcting §409A plan document failures and will discuss opportunities and potential pitfalls under the guidance. The panel will identify commonly occurring hazards -- including ambiguous plan terms and impermissible definitions and payment events, to name just a few -- and will offer practical solutions to help you avoid costly and damaging results.

Program highlights include:

• Identifying opportunities to correct certain document failures with limited or no income inclusion or additional taxes
• Reviewing the scope of this relief based on whether the correction affects plan operation within one year of the correction
• Analyzing common document correction scenarios and any related operational correction requirements
• Highlighting clarifications in the new guidance that certain common plan provisions do not result in document failures
• Noting clarifications to the operational correction program in the new guidance
• Discussing any alternatives to the operational and document correction programs

The objectives of this Webinar include providing participants with an understanding of the IRS’s new correction program for certain types of failures of nonqualified deferred compensation plans to comply with §409A. Upon completion of the program, participants will be able to:

• Describe the correction program guidance
• Understand how the new program fits with earlier IRS guidance on plan corrections
• Identify commonly occurring §409A failures to comply
• Understand the risks associated with §409A noncompliance and the possible opportunities created by the IRS guidance
• Apply correction principles to client plans"

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