Thursday, January 7, 2010

IRS Issues Guidance on 409A Corrections - Notice 2010-6

IRS Notice 2010-6 Here

"This notice provides methods for taxpayers to voluntarily correct many types of failures to comply with the document requirements applicable under § 409A of the Internal Revenue Code (Code) to nonqualified deferred compensation plans and thereby avoid or reduce the current income inclusion and additional taxes under § 409A. This document correction program is intended to encourage taxpayers to review nonqualified deferred compensation plans to identify provisions that fail to comply with the requirements of § 409A and § 1.409A-1(c) of the Income Tax Regulations (a document failure), and to correct those plan provisions promptly, while also not providing an advantage to taxpayers participating in plans that initially fail to comply with § 409A over taxpayers participating in plans drafted in compliance with § 409A."

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