Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hollywood Stars Hot Over 409A - Lobby for Change

Stars turn down cash advances - advances come to a "screeching halt;" stars turn away TV contracts; studios in a pinch; 409A "killed a mosquito with a cruise missile; "percentage of profits" or "points" is deferred compensation.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Richard,

The link to this article has a typo, or the link has gone bad. Could you re-do the link, please.


Lon Sobel

Asbestos Attorney said...

There was an error on the link you have provided. I was not able to read your article. And please do add some videos; this will help understand the readers about your thought.

NYC Personal Injury Lawyer said...

The Article page is still showing the error.And would like to say thanks for all previous posts , i liked all of them.