Friday, May 1, 2009

Interesting Thoughts on "Good Reason" - 409A, TARP, 280G

Interesting Commentary from Xtreme ERISA Blog

"Now that the 409A regulations have opened up the door/floodgates (depending on what you may think of as a flood) to the consideration of "good reason' concepts in the law, there are several emerging GR issues affecting non-409A areas. Until 409A, GR was more a colloquial term of use than a term of art - describing a subset of the triggers comprising the "good leaver" notion (for, essentially, non-cause and other acceptable terminations) one sees overseas. As a result, the concept exists in the law itself, and is spreading. Interestingly, there may be the possibility that some of the non-409A uses of GR could circle back to having a practical effect under 409A."

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