Wednesday, January 14, 2009

D.C. Insider Believes More Dismay for Executives in 2009

409A Draconian; More Compensation Legislation Coming

"First, Mr. Iwry discussed the near future of executive compensation legislation. After providing the great truism, “it is easier to afflict the comfortable than to comfort the afflicted,” Mr. Iwry explained how it is likely that Congress has yet to finish punishing executives for earning money. While providing no opinion as to whether limiting executive compensation is a laudable goal, Mr. Iwry was simply making the point that it is easier for Congress to hinder the rich through policy changes than it is to make life better for other. Certainly, it is easier to garner support from their constituents for such work. Therefore, despite the recent effectiveness of the Draconian 409A requirements, more is still to come. Ironically, around the time Mr. Iwry was talking , Barney Frank was introducing legislation to further limit executive compensation under the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act."

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