Friday, May 9, 2008

Marvell Technology Incurs 409A Penalties

Relates to Options Backdating

From the 10-K: "During the fourth quarter of fiscal 2007, the Internal Revenue Service notified our U.S. subsidiaries that fiscal 2004 through 2006 would be audited and would include an audit of Section 409A and payroll tax issues arising out of the stock option investigation. In fiscal 2007, we accrued $24.2 million of Section 409A liabilities for each of the restated years (including interest and penalties), accrued payroll taxes (including interest and penalties), where applicable. We elected to join and completed the IRS program Announcement 2007-18 and its California equivalent. Through the close of fiscal 2008 we paid $21.8 million for Section 409A liabilities under the available programs, including interest and penalties where applicable. During fiscal 2008, based on development of our IRS payroll tax audit, we accrued an additional penalty of $7.2 million related to the conversion of incentive stock options into nonstatutory stock options due to the mispricing of the original option grant."

The 10-K

Director Resigns

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